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At, we run a global online magazine on youth and public policies. Among others:

We critically report from and about global youth events—from conferences and forums to assemblies and summits—with teams of young journalists. Check our event calendar, read one our review articles (1, 2), check one of our event coverage videos (1, 2) or read our overall criticism of global youth meetings.

We follow, comment and critique the activities of the United Nations and its agencies in the youth sector, including the work of the new UN Youth Envoy. Read our criticism of the Youth 21 architecture for youth engagement, our assessment of the UN as an actor in the youth field, and our welcome to Ahmad Alhindawi.

We map the international youth sector and document youth work from across the globe in an attempt to look at the realities that are framed, and ideally supported, by youth policy. Watch our youth work documentaries and check out our mappings of regional youth scenes, the international youth sector, and donor engagement in the youth field.

Learn more about our youthpolicy magazine.

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We run a global youth magazine and critically report from and about global youth events with teams of young journalists.